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13 Things Highly Successful People Do Every day

Posted on Thursday, May 16, 2019 and filed under

It’s no secret that wealthy and successful people are more productive. Many of us, on the other hand, never end up ticking off even half the times on our to-do lists and a feel overwhelmed by the amount of work we have. So, what is it that the rich do differently?

The only people who’ll ever know how the ridiculously successful get so much done in so little time are they, themselves. And when several businessman, entrepreneurs, and Olympians were asked the secret to their productivity, all of them had the same answer – time management.

The 13 Things to Do To Be More Successful

Here are the 13 things that every successful being lives by that helps them achieve more. Following the tips can help you get more from your life too.

  1. Have a morning routine

A morning routine isn’t just getting out of bed, dressing up and going to work. Morning is the only time of the day where you can focus on yourself and plan your day. Successful people always start their day with a big breakfast and exercise to maintain their health. A lot of them meditate, pray, or read to nurture their minds as well.

  1. Look to start big

The biggest activities of the day must be prioritized and focused on first. Successful people keep their most arduous for the start of the day as it takes up a lot of their energy and time. Thus, the earlier you get on the task, the faster you’re able to finish it.

  1. Focus on one thing at a time

To achieve your goals, it’s imperative that you dedicate a section of your time to your most important task. Thus, give at least two hours every morning to your most important work so that you’re efficient in finishing it. This way, you’ll be able to complete your task sooner and take a bigger step towards your higher goals.

  1. Schedule Effectively

Most people have their work slotted into batches of an hour or half hour on their calendars. But highly successful people know that a day has 1440 minutes and not 24 hours. This number makes it seem like you have more time than usual for each task. Scheduling your calendar by the number of minutes you spend on each task allows you to make space for more work. Thus, you’re able to achieve more in the same amount of time.

  1. Always carry a notebook

A thought or idea can come to you any time, and it’s impossible to capture every single one of them. Which is why, all successful people, especially businesspeople always carry a notebook with them. People like Bill Gates, Sheryl Sandberg, and Richard Branson carry a notebook with them at all times. They write their ideas, thoughts, and observations of the world that helps them plan.

  1. Don’t procrastinate

We leave a lot of tasks for the future because we believe that we can “do them later.” The biggest example is planning a diet from the next day and never taking it up. Successful people anticipate the inconsistency of their moods and the nature of time. Thus, they strive to finish a task as soon as they get it or giving it an amount of time every day.

  1. Don’t make to-do lists

An average person can achieve barely 60% of what they put up on their to-do lists. The reason being that there always seem to be too many tasks on the list and no structure of time. However, dividing your work by the minute on a calendar forces you to move on because you can’t delay a priority task. Successful people never make a fixed to-do list but plan their day by their time and the priority of the tasks they have to finish.

  1. Set a time to check their emails

Checking your emails every day is important, but the mailbox is an abyss that one rarely gets out of. So, you have the rich either checking their emails only once a day for 15-20 minutes or check it thrice for five minutes each. This allows them to go through important correspondence and respond to everyone without having to distract themselves from their current work.

  1. Don’t let the smaller tasks pile on

People put their phone bills, emails that need to be responded to, events that they need to RSVP on hold. They decide that they’ll take care of these smaller tasks later until they all pile on and take up most of their time.  This causes stress as the work always stays in the back of their mind. Thus, successful people avoid this and if a task requires five to ten minutes, finish it off right away.

  1. Avoid meetings

Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, and Mark Cuban avoid meetings as they consider them a waste of time. Meetings always start late, never stick to one topic, and keep people off important work. Thus, Musk and Winfrey prefer to write long emails and attend meetings only when necessary. If you have to schedule a meeting, keep a minimum headcount, a strict agenda, and keep them as short as possible.

  1. Delegate most of their work

If there’s a way to get your work done instead of doing it yourself, you should always opt for it. Successful people don’t have control issues and thus, aren’t focused on doing everything by themselves. They delegate their work to people who’re capable of it and manage everything. This saves time and ensures the completion of the task as well.

  1. Say “no” a lot

Warren Buffet once said that “Really successful people say no to almost everything.” This means that if you’re even slightly doubtful about something, you should politely refuse it. You only get 1440 minutes a day and therefore, you can’t waste them on things that aren’t important or don’t excite you.

  1. Always go home for dinner

Success means nothing if you don’t feel good about yourself. Thus, one requires a work/life balance. Successful people always take out time for their family and have dinner with them. You can leave work as late as you want to, but you never have to. There are only 1440 minutes in a day, and you need to spend them on yourself as much as you have on work.

Every business, entrepreneur, or sportsperson is only as successful as the balance they have in their life. These people manage their time and prioritize what’s important in their life. Thus, you may not be one of them yet, but you can use their tips to achieve more daily.