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NeoLore Sustainability Policy


NeoLore believes that we are obligated to various parties and entities, including our employees, communities, customers, investors, and the environment, to operate our business sustainably and responsibly. We know and recognize that our activities and operations have an impact on our environment.

NeoLore is committed to a program of continuous improvement and development to reduce harmful impacts on the environment by providing ongoing education and training through awareness initiatives. Our management is proactive and takes responsibility for enabling employees to contribute to our environmental goals and to implement and enforce this Policy.


NeoLore employs this Policy to define and elucidate the fundamental principles for its unwavering commitment to the well-being and support of its users, local communities, and the environment. This Policy is also designed to uphold and enforce the Company’s Core Values and meet the requirements of the applicable law.


NeoLore recognizes that our company actions and activities have potential impacts on people as well as the environment, especially through our supply chains and operations. Also, we encourage and work with customers, associates, business partners, and the local business community to develop sustainable and practical solutions.

Through this policy NeoLore:

  • Aims to meet the requirements of all applicable laws and regulations affecting our operations.
  • Commits to protecting and advocating for human rights. As a committed equal-opportunity employer that fosters diversity and inclusion, we will abide by all fair labor practices.
  • Aims to minimize our environmental impact while maximizing the effective use of valuable natural resources.
  • Aims to foster and inculcate responsible environmental behavior in employees at all levels.
  • Intends to minimize impacts and risks through reliable processes and systems that implement, measure, evaluate, and monitor both environmental and social performance.
  • Aims to increase awareness of our sustainability efforts and initiatives.



NeoLore will:

  • Comply with relevant laws and legislation.
  • Offer a healthy and safe work environment with a focus on supporting diversity and inclusion.
  • Support the local community by hiring local people when possible.
  • Create valuable opportunities for the training and development of skilled local workers.
  • Urge our employees and management to volunteer via programs and initiatives organized externally or internally.
  • Support and fund local charities through staff participation.
  • Provide sponsorships or monetary donations to local organizations, such as sports clubs, charities, societies, and youth groups.
  • Work to foster long-term economic benefits within our communities.


NeoLore will:

  • Ensure compliance with all environmental laws and regulations.
  • Understand the direct as well as the indirect impact that our practices and operations may have on the environment and minimize or offset their impact.
  • Monitor key objectives, goals, and targets for managing and assessing our environmental performance and take steps to improve environmental performance continually.
  • Include our team in our environmental program and provide necessary training where possible.
  • Be an environmentally responsible and conscious neighbor in our community.
  • Work hard to conserve energy, water, and other resources.
  • Dispose of waste responsibly, and use landfills.
  • Regularly communicate and interact with our team to make sure that environmental concerns and issues remain ‘front-of-mind’ in everything we do.
  • Minimize our environmental impact by buying and using environmentally-friendly and green products.
  • Perform evaluations, audits, and self-assessments regarding the implementation and enforcement of this Policy.
  • Work closely with our supply chain to reap the mutual benefits of incorporating sustainability goals and practices into daily business.
  • Promote environmental awareness in the company.
  • Develop a culture where environmental responsibility is assigned and understood.
  • Take initiatives to increase awareness in the community and train employees in environmental issues and social matters.


NeoLore will:

  • Use a strong business case to support sustainability initiatives.
  • Integrate sustainability and environmental awareness into our business model, financial accounting, and reporting.
  • Slash operating costs and expenses through efficient use of water, energy, and other resources.