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Get IT Consulting Services Without Any Additional Contracts

Every client who signs a contract with NeoLore gets IT consulting included. That’s because we want to empower you to do IT better!

Why choose NeoLore for IT consulting?

  • Every managed services client gets a vCIO with their Service Level Agreement
  • Get a meaningful response within 5-15 minutes whenever you contact our support team
  • Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a transparent 30-day contract
  • Rest assured that project deadlines will be met without breaking your budget
  • Don’t waste time and money on information technology, find what works for you instead

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Here’s How We Help

Boost Productivity While Keeping Cost-Effective

Every client who signs up for managed services gets access to our vCIO (virtual chief information officer). Your vCIO can do everything an in-person CIO can without any overhead costs.

NeoLore-associated vCIOs are trained to prioritize methodology, so they can give you realistic answers that stay within your budget.

Your engagement begins with a SWOT analysis. From there, the vCIO will focus all consultations around that analysis.

Honest IT Procurement That Puts You First

Too many IT consulting firms focus on giving you what’s hot. Some will even upsell unneeded solutions so they can earn a commission. At NeoLore, that’s not our focus.

Instead, we want to give you the most bang for your buck. Every IT procurement project focuses on what will be the most useful for you within your price range.

We’re not interested in upselling unless we really think you’ll benefit from it.

Meet More Deadlines With Fewer Interruptions

Missing a project deadline is a pain. It can slow productivity, hinder morale, or damage a professional relationship. Sometimes, delays aren’t anyone’s fault, but simply the result of unforeseen circumstances.

NeoLore’s consultants are expert project managers. We’ll take on any special project and provide new insights into how you can mitigate speedbumps without missing a deadline.

We can also help you be more proactive and prevent common interruptions from occurring in your project.

The Cloud Shouldn’t Be Complicated

87% of Canadian businesses agree that cloud computing makes business operations more agile. They aren’t wrong, but cloud environments can be difficult to manage without the right expertise.

If you don’t have that expertise in-house, you’re not out of luck. NeoLore provides expert cloud consulting and managed cloud services.

Let us help you migrate to the cloud and manage your new data environment with ease.

Big Cybersecurity Solutions For Businesses of Any Size

Small-and-medium-sized business owners often miss out when it comes to cybersecurity. Many assume that they’re too small to be noticed or believe a good solution is out of their budget.

Neither of these assumptions are true. Any business can be a target and there are plenty of ways you can implement better cybersecurity measures.

NeoLore’s cybersecurity consultants can show you how. We’ll take the time to assess your business so we can cater security solutions to your biggest risks.

Why NeoLore?


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Your Business Needs Matter

We won’t ignore you for what we think is the best. We take pride in ourselves to be active listeners who find solutions that work for you.

Ottawa IT Consulting

Make The Most of Your IT System

If you’re considering buying new or building custom software, first consider whether you actually need it. Your current IT system could have a lot of potential that you didn’t realize.

NeoLore’s consultants can help you and your team do more with what you already have. We’re well-versed in a wide variety of tools so there’s a good chance we’ve seen what you’re using.

Every engagement begins with an assessment. If we see something you could be using differently, we’ll tell you!

IT Consultants in Ottawa

Get More Done With Less

There’s no need to sink tons of time, money, and resources into better IT solutions. Instead, strategic planning can help you only use as much as you need.

Talk to NeoLore to find out how you can allocate your resources more effectively. We’ll discuss what you want to do, what you have to do it, and figure out the best plan from there.

Stop overspending on IT. Get an extra set of eyes overseeing how you’re using your resources so nothing goes to waste.

IT Consulting Services in Ottawa

Stay Ahead Without Wasting Time

Effective solutions aren’t really effective if they don’t suit your business. Jumping onto an emerging IT trend if it doesn’t make sense for your organization is like trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. A waste of time!

That’s why Nelore is dedicated to active listening. We want to help you stay competitive, but not at the detriment of your productivity.

We work to find the right balance of modern and compatible. This way, you’ll truly find a better way to use IT.

IT Consulting FAQ

You could hire us just for IT consulting, but we do encourage you to consider our managed services.

Signing up for managed IT services gives you access to a whole host of other beneficial tech services, and consulting is included.

Our contracts are only 30 days. So, trying it out is painless. If you’re finding that you need repeated assistance, a contract will be more cost-effective in the long run.

You could, but that might not be in your best interest. Professional IT consultants aren’t just “people who are good with computers.” We’re also well-versed in business acumen and have seen many other situations like yours.

Think of it this way, would you rather take your car to a mechanic or to a relative who works on their own car? The relative would be cheaper, but the professional service guarantees better results.

The process is rather simple and straightforward once you hire us.

  • First, we assess your business needs and current IT system.
  • Then, we work with you to create a plan based on our findings.
  • Finally, we work with everyone we should to ensure our plan is implemented.

Of course, there could be small speedbumps along the way. We’re fully prepared to deal with them!

An IT consultant focuses on advising businesses on how best to use information technology to meet their objectives. A tech consultant is more focused on pinpointing what’s wrong with your tech and recommending a new solution.

In some ways, these 2 roles can overlap. Many IT consultants also look at problems in your system. The biggest difference is the emphasis on business objectives.