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Managed IT Services

Helpdesk Support Services

NeoLore Networks’ technical support services are available to our clients 24/7 through our advanced Help Desk support services. Our newest team member, the Weighted Algorithmic Diagnostic Entity, or as we like to call him, W.A.D.E. helps our technicians troubleshoot problems using true Artificial Intelligence (AI) based on standard english queries – the same way that IBM WATSON works. We are able to cross reference every computer issue, with every documented solution, across all clients, including NeoLores’ own Standing Operating Procedures, within the last 5 years, in a matter of seconds!!  We harness this technology to ensure that NeoLores’ clients get a superior level of service in a fraction of the time.  NeoLore was the 9th company in the Manage Service Provider (MSP) world to implement this technology.  This is the type of thinking that sets NeoLore apart from the others.

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Centralized Services

NeoLore Centralized Services is a ‘core’ set of services that we offer within our Service Agreements.   By ensuring that each individual workstation/server has all the necessary security patches applied, this gives the systems a fighting chance against security vulnerabilities.  We also include within our agreements:

  • Enterprise Grade Antivirus Protection
  • Anti-Malware Protection
  • Anti-Exploit Protection
  • Anti-Ransomware
  • Web Filtering service
  • Anti-Spam Protection
  • Asset Management
  • Warranty Notification
  • Backup Monitoring (with automatic resolution of failed backups)

Why do we offer all of this in our agreements? If a computer system goes down, you loose productivity.  If you loos productivity, it cost money – and no one likes to loose money.  It is incumbent upon us to ensure your computer systems remain up and running as best as we can.

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Network Administration

Do you know if your network is configured according to best practices? Do you know if you have adequate security solutions in place to protect your critical business information?  Do you have any type of documentation on your own network, how it is connected, how it is configured, or even important usernames/passwords?   At NeoLore, we believe that our clients should be as informed as we are.  We don’t take the “keys” away from our clients…its their network and equipment, so why do so many MSPs do that?  Our transparent Network Administration is to align our clients networks to industry standard best practices and to inform/educate them in the process.  We do all of this at the same time we ensure that the documentation of the network is updated on a regular basis and freely give network documentation when requested.

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Virtual CIO

Is your technology taking up valuable office space? Do you dream of implementing a new system but not sure how to start or how it will impact the rest of your network?  Do you worry that your network may not be secure and wondering what to do?  These are all good typical questions that our Virtual CIO will be able to help with.  They begin by evaluating the computer network using the standard SWOT Analysis approach (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat).  Based on what you are trying to achieve and the findings of the SWOT, the Virtual CIO will come up with solutions that can be phased in over a period of time to accomplish your long term strategies.  The vCIO is basically a member of your ‘staff ‘ who will advise you on most things IT related.  This advice is included as part of your service agreement with NeoLore Networks Inc.

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Special Projects

Looking to implement a new software on the network or move servers/email to the cloud?  Need to update your Microsoft Server 2008 software before Microsoft stops supporting it in Jan 2020?  How about implement a Backup Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Solution in case something goes wrong or ransomware attacks?  Need better Wifi in the office?  Who doesn’t 😉  These are all examples of Special Projects that NeoLore can implement for you and are handle separately from the service agreement.

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Cloud Services

Hosted MS Exchange Email

Our 100% Canadian Hosted Email solution removes the burden of managing your own email server. Get instant access to email from Apple, Android and Windows computer/devices.  Enjoy all the benefits without the hassle:

  • Enterprise Grade Antivirus and AntiSpam included on all mailboxes.
  • Quarantine message list sent out multiple times a day to retrieve good messages that may have been blocked.
  • Have full control of Whitelisting and Blacklisting domains for your mailbox or the entire company.
  • Need a standard-looking corporate email signature for everyone? Not a problem.  We can implement that for you.

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Hosted Servers

Our 100% Canadian Hosted Server infrastructure provides our clients with flexible and scalable solutions in a Private Cloud environment, but without the headaches and high cost.  What is a Private Cloud?  Well, simply put, it’s YOUR Cloud. NeoLore creates a space in the cloud that is accessible by only you and your staff.  NeoLores’ hosted servers are built on top of industry leading virtualization technology which offers real-time high availability, automatic failover, and Disaster Recovery architecture.  The data resides on a 10G backbone core to ensure speedy access to Your data, in Your Cloud.  Redundant Firewalls, Switches, Servers, and Natural Gas Backup Generator makes up the hosted solution.  Typical Private Cloud Hosted Servers we host for our clients are:

  • Domain Controllers
  • File Servers
  • Terminal Servers
  • SQL Servers
  • POS Server Systems
  • Microsoft Dynamic Servers
  • Mass Communication Servers

Contact us to find out how you can reduce your IT headaches by having NeoLore Networks Inc. host Your Servers in Your Cloud.

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