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At NeoLore, our mission and vision are to provide you with the very best in IT services and support. Client satisfaction means everything to us. We love being able to take a project from start to finish…and know that we’ve earned your trust.

Over the years we’ve met the needs of many clients – here’s what they have to say about us and their experience working with our team.

Covid Transition

I just wanted to reach out and thank you and your team for assisting us in this time of turmoil with a smooth support in transitioning our workflow from office to home environments. The reports back from my employees is very positive. I’m quite thankful that we made the decision to outsource some of our IT needs to your organization.

John H Gutri OLS – President – Fairhall Moffatt & Woodland Limited

Terminal Services

Today is the very reason why we are on TS. Every day that goes by relatively easy is payback on our investment.

Jean-Francois Champagne – President – CAE

Work from Home

Your organization and staff have played a critical role in the deployment of our staff into a teleworking role. Requests have been handled in a very timely fashion, critical items have been expedited and the end result is always completed to everyone’s satisfaction.

Dale Visneskie – President / CEO – ICPS

Industry Leading Service

During this COVID-19 crisis, NeoLore has consistently delivered its industry-leading service levels. Bravo to the leadership and hardworking staff!

Suzanne McCracken – Concentric Associates International Inc


I have worked with many tech support companies and NeoLore is the very first that has actually lived up to what they promised us. In fact, they have greatly exceeded our expectations. Put it this way – I can sleep at night and I am sure many of you know exactly what I am talking about.

David Smythe, CHA, General Manager – Director of Operations, Gillin Hotels

Cutting Edge

Prior to signing on with NeoLore, the company relied on a patchwork of outdated systems and processes, along with a small contingent of users, to maintain a very complex engineering–centric operating environment. Since signing on with NeoLore, and with their full support, we have effectively replaced every piece of legacy hardware with a state-of-the-art virtual environment that leverages both cloud and in-house solutions. I would not hesitate in recommending NeoLore to any organization looking for cost effective systems and solutions support.

Paul Vaillant, CIO, Proslide Technology Inc.

Problem Solvers

We first engaged NeoLore several years ago to resolve repeated email server reliability problems. After review, they proposed how to resolve. That action plan worked and continues to work many years later. Since that time, they have done the same type of solution pre-planning for new data back-up systems, firewalls, infrastructure upgrades, and server upgrades. Support continues to be prompt, consistent, and positive.

Ian Smith, President – Interactive Audio Visual Inc.


We have been using NeoLore continuously for over 17 years. NeoLore provides us with real time backup/duplication of our data and systems as well as keeping our software current and functional. NeoLore also sources all of our hardware needs as required. I’m especially pleased with the proactive, timely, and very cost-effective advice and service that NeoLore provides. Jim, Amy, and the rest of the team at NeoLore are very good communicators and we are always kept “in the loop” as to the status of any projects they are working on for us. You’re the best NeoLore!

Garth Steele, FCPA, FCA, President
Welch Fund Administration Services Inc.

Covid Transition

NeoLore Networks throughout the pandemic as always been there to help our staff and continued to offer the same service standards we’re accustomed to. As always, they’ve been fast and efficient in solving most of our IT issues. This has been especially important has our staff moved from working on location to remotely.

Benoit Lalonde – Andrew Fleck


NeoLore has consistently provided superior IT services since we hired them in 2015. They are to be commended for their professionalism, knowledge of IT, and service delivery. I highly recommend them.

Jacques Pariseau – Services langagiers Baastel Language Services

Count on NeoLore

When you are feeling sad and lonely, you can still count on NeoLore! As we adjusted to working remotely, and the complications with the compatibility of people’s home systems, Mac, PC and sometimes stranger things, Neolore was there for us and helped us navigate through it all. As one of those with little technical expertise, I was delighted with the help and support I received, and never was made to feel stupid even when I deserved it.

John Rapp, Executive Director – Dovercourt Recreation Association

Fast Service

I contacted NeoLore first thing in the morning while travelling, as I couldn’t sign in through my remote access. They got a technician on the line right away, who fixed the problem in about 3 minutes. It was great service.

Andrew Horsfield – Lord Elgin Hotel


Excellent service and attentive to customers.

Michael Beebe


Amy has been a tremendous help to me on many occasions; her support and assistance is invaluable. Thanks!

Alexandria Davis, Director, Client Experience – SelectCom Inc.


Very knowledgeable staff. Always friendly and very helpful with any issues that come up in our office. Very satisfied customers!!

Mary Graziadei – Pryor & Associates


We at Christian Counselling Ottawa have been using NeoLore Networks Inc. services since the summer of 2017. The company has provided outstanding service, advice, and general support. They understand our needs and with their help we have upgraded our networks, significantly bolstered our firewall, improved the security of our off site backups, and implemented phase one of a general upgrade for our owned computers. On top of that, they are very good at translating “techie talk” to make our tech needs, and their recommendations for filling those needs, understandable to all.

Linda Colwell, Executive Director – Christian Counselling Ottawa


Hospice Care Ottawa has trusted the reliable, prompt, and professional IT support provided by NeoLore Networks for the past five years. They transitioned our recently integrated organization from two small and entirely separate systems to a unified network which has seen further, and equally well managed, expansion over the years. Understanding that we are a not-for-profit charitable organization, they have continuously provided innovative and resourceful options to ensure our systems are up-to-date, secure, and operating efficiently. Furthermore, their technicians are a pleasure to work with as they consistently provide courteous, friendly, and patient assistance, regardless of how small or large the issue may be.

Rhiannon Dufay, Project Coordinator, Hospice Care Ottawa

High Quality Service at Affordable Price

Our association has been working with NeoLore Networks Inc. for many years. As a small, not-for-profit association, we are appreciative of the high-quality services that NeoLore provides at an affordable price point. Whether it is assistance with a day-to-day IT issue or working through a crisis management situation, the NeoLore team provides speedy and reliable service. If you are looking for a company to partner with to manage your IT needs, I suggest you reach out to NeoLore Networks.

Joanne Charlebois, CEO, Speech-Language & Audiology Canada

Work from Home

NeoLore has been a great partner in ensuring availability of IT services. Thanks to their efforts our staff have been able to seamlessly transition to working from home.

Jason Moodie – CHBA

Highly Recommended

I am a client of NeoLore for one year now, and THEY ARE FANTASTIC. I own a medical clinic with complex imaging technology and multiple review stations. NeoLore tirelessly reviewed and improved my network until everything worked flawlessly. They are professional, knowledgeable, and respond in timely manners. Their technicians are skilled and patient. I highly recommend NeoLore as your IT company.

Dr. Josée Martineau – I See Optometry

Covid Transition

Our transition to NeoLore has been a huge success. The timing couldn’t have been any better. I can’t imagine what we would have done trying to work remotely with all of us on a VPN.

Thank you for all of your hard work, quick responses and professionalism.

Rob Searle, VP Finance and Facilities, CMPA