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Ottawa Managed IT Services

Managing your own IT systems is stressful and time-consuming. Trust an expert IT service provider to do it instead.


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Stop Letting Technical Difficulties Slow You Down, Make IT Work For You!

Information technology is supposed to make your job faster and easier. If it’s not, our fully managed IT service can change that!

Why choose NeoLore for managed IT services in Ottawa?

  • Try managed IT without the risk of vendor lock-in with a flexible 30-day contract
  • Get a meaningful response from tech support within 5-15 minutes of your call
  • Stop trying to force technology, get us to analyze your system and find better solutions
  • Gain peace of mind knowing all of your important data is backed-up and secure
  • Empower yourself and your staff with over 9,500 courses that balance expertise and digestibility

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NeoLore Managed Services in Ottawa

If You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Technology-related concerns can plague a business – and not all of them can be solved by support. Sometimes, you need an expert to analyze your office space and how you’re using it.

If you have questions about how you can make the most of the tools you use, we can answer them!
Whether you need better network security or long-term technology strategies, our vCIO will devise evidence-based strategies to boost your productivity.

Responsive Support For Any IT Problem

No matter your IT problem, you want answers now, not later. That’s why NeoLore provides a 24/7 IT helpdesk that can get to your question in as little as 5 minutes.

Our friend W.A.D.E helps us do this at a breakneck speed. He’s our cherished AI co-worker and we’re the 9th managed service provider to hire him!

Come say hello to W.A.D.E and all of our friendly human technicians with our fast and effective remote support solution.

Fortify Your Cyber Defenses

Losing sleep over cybersecurity? You’re not alone. One quarter of small and medium-sized business owners fear that their protocols aren’t good enough.

NeoLore can help you fix that. Get a good night’s sleep feeling confident that NeoLore has your data protected. We can take care of everything from spotting potential risks to picking up the pieces after an attack.

Better yet, you can take what you learned and use it to strengthen your cybersecurity policy moving forward.

Migrate to a 100% Canadian Hosted Cloud

Transitioning to the cloud is a great idea, but will there be downtime during the switch? It’s a valid concern but with the right planning, you shouldn’t have to worry about it.

The team at NeoLore can help you migrate to the cloud without interrupting your daily operations.

Our cloud services are hosted on our own 100% Canadian server environment. So, if you’re in Canada you can enjoy a much faster transfer speed than you would on an out-of-country server.

Stay In-The-Know Without Falling Behind

Technology keeps evolving. It’s important to stay up-to-speed so you can implement the latest tools and keep ahead of your competitors.

NeoLore offers an online library of over 9,500 courses that you can use to empower your team on your time. You can choose your preference with both in-person and online training from 25 different vendors.

Convenient, digestible, informative, and accessible. That’s the way IT should be.

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This is The Way IT Should Be

Find out why we earned the trust of enough business owners to become the 3rd largest managed IT provider in the Ottawa area.

Managed IT Services in Ottawa

No Surprises Here!

Surprises are for birthday parties, not for IT management. Yet, far too many IT companies withhold hidden costs, or wait to react to problems in your network.

That won’t happen with NeoLore. We promise that we will always provide a crystal clear service level agreement so you don’t have to worry about “the fine print.”

We’ll also conduct a thorough network analysis before we start anything else. This way, we can detect potential risks early so we can let you know before it lets itself become known.

Ottawa Managed IT Services Provider

Keep Your Network At Its Best

If your computer network goes down or slows down, it’s hard for your team to work. It only takes a few minutes of downtime to completely derail your productivity.

Be proactive and don’t lose a single minute of your workday.

The team at NeoLore can provide remote monitoring and management for your entire IT network. Our team will spring into action the moment we catch suspicious activity so we can prevent it from growing into a bigger problem.

IT Services in Ottawa

Complete More Projects On Time & Budget

Big new projects are exciting, but without oversight they can get out of hand fast. New additions or fixes extend your budget and cause delays. If this happens too frequently, it can cause a dent in your reputation.

At NeoLore, we view ourselves as your business partner. We want to see your success just as much as you do, so our services include special projects to help you prevent that situation.

We promise that anything you start with us will be done on time and budget. Of course, no one can predict the unexpected, which is why we’ll be fully prepared to mitigate speed bumps so we can keep that promise!

FAQ About Our IT Services in Ottawa

There are some upfront costs associated with a managed IT partnership. However, in the long-run managed IT services are more affordable than not having them.

That’s because:

  • They charge a fixed monthly fee, which is cheaper than an additional full-time salary
  • A managed service offers proactive protection, which is more affordable than fixing what’s broken

It’s not unusual for someone to have both an IT department and an IT services partner. We see it all the time! There are a lot of benefits to this mixed approach.

  • You’ll get new insights into what you could be doing better
  • You’ll save your team’s time and let them focus on something more exciting
  • You can prevent burnout by offloading some day-to-day IT tasks


The most common reasons why people opt for a managed IT provider are time and cost savings. However, those are only 2 of a whole host of unique benefits. Here’s a few more.

You can…

  • Gain a fresh perspective
  • Scale your IT system with your business growth more easily
  • Enhance your cybersecurity with knowledge of emerging threats

Our service level agreements include a vCIO (virtual chief information officer) that will conduct a thorough SWOT analysis at the beginning of our partnership.

This way, we can use this as a guide going forward. Everything we do for you from there on out will be informed by our initial analysis.