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IT Support in Ottawa

Technical issues can happen anytime. That’s why you need 24/7 IT support that’s easy to reach and easy to talk to.


Businesses Who Trust Us

When IT Problems Strike, You Don’t Just Need Fast Answers, You Need Good Answers

You shouldn’t have to choose between speed and quality. Trust NeoLore’s support specialists to deliver both.

Why choose NeoLore Networks for IT support?

  • Get a meaningful response within 5-15 minutes that does more than just acknowledge we got your ticket
  • Don’t spend hours with technical support , get a good resolution in roughly 25 minutes
  • Try our IT support services risk-free with a flexible 30-day contract
  • Enjoy customized service for both hardware and software issues instead of having to choose one or the other
  • Get support for all levels of expertise with answers in plain English, not riddled with technical jargon

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We’re Confident in Our Support Team, So Are Our Clients!

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Computer Support in Ottawa

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High-Quality IT Support in Ottawa

Tech Support When You Need IT

Most jobs in Ottawa follow the classic 9-5 Monday-Friday schedule, but not all. People who work outside that schedule need just as much tech support as anyone else. So, why don’t more IT support services offer “off-hours” support?

NeoLore does! Our helpdesk is open 24/7 so you don’t have to wait until tomorrow to get the answers you need. Plus, 24/7 support is ideal for companies who operate in multiple time zones.

Give every worker the support they deserve, when they need IT!

Need Hardware Repairs? We’re There!

Not every information technology issue can be solved remotely. Sometimes, there’s a hardware issue getting in the way of your software working properly. That’s when you need onsite support.

NeoLore provides this service to anyone in the greater Ottawa/Gatineau area. We’ll do what we can remotely, but if we think we might need to take a look under the hood, we’re there!

Even if it’s not a hardware issue, some software issues need in-person eyes. No matter the reason for our presence, we’re happy to show up at your office.

Keep The Lifeblood of Your IT System Flowing

It’s important to have fast, effective support when problems strike, but what if you could prevent problems from happening in the first place? Preventative administrative measures can keep your system running problem-free!

NeoLore can help. Not only will we decrease downtime when issues occur, we can implement preventative measures to stop issues from surfacing.

We’ll also take what we learned from support calls to apply new prevention techniques so the same problem never happens again.

Sidestep Downtime and Skyrocket Efficiency

Cloud servers can be a productivity lifesaver. They help keep everyone in every location on the same page and streamline communication over the internet. However, you can’t benefit from any of this if your cloud keeps going down.

Keep your cloud high in the sky with NeoLore. Our team can provide support for cloud-specific issues. Whether you need help troubleshooting a problem or want to learn how to use it better, you can ask us.

Get all the productivity benefits you were promised, and more!

Transparent Service Agreements, Without a Catch

Who has time to “read the fine print?” It’s tedious, yet so many IT companies make it necessary. Why can’t they just be transparent upfront?

We will be. NeoLore guarantees full transparency with every Service Level Agreement. We also offer flexible 30-day contracts so you won’t feel trapped if you want to adjust your service.

We also don’t believe in bad surprises. We’ll be honest about any additional costs and make sure you know exactly what you’re in for from day 1.

What Makes NeoLore’s IT Support Special?


Minute response time for tech engagement


Minute resolution times


Customer satisfaction rate

What Makes Our Service Desk Stand Out?

Our staff, of course! Get friendly, jargon-free advice from our human technicians and fast, meaningful response from our AI techie W.A.D.E.

Ottawa IT Support

Meet W.A.D.E.

In 2019, NeoLore became the 9th IT company to implement W.A.D.E, an AI helpdesk technician. He helps us get to your support requests faster and more effectively without compromising quality.

You may be under the assumption that W.A.D.E will be just another chat bot, but he’s so much more.

W.A.D.E cross-references every IT issue we’ve seen in the past 5 years and the solutions to each. Using this information, he can quickly come up with effective potential solutions to expedite troubleshooting.

IT Support in Ottawa

Talk to Techies Who Speak Your Language

IT support should be, well, supportive. Your technicians aren’t doing much for you if you don’t understand what they’re saying. You shouldn’t need an IT degree to walk through a simple username and password reset.

NeoLore’s helpdesk technicians are people-first. We’re focused on providing answers that you will understand, no matter your level of IT expertise.

We don’t want anyone to feel intimidated when they call, so we’re trained to approach any sized problem with the same level of urgency and empathy.

Tech Support in Ottawa

Elevate Your Network’s Security

NeoLore is more than a reactive tech support service. Our goal isn’t just to solve issues, but to prevent them from resurfacing. This approach does more than just decrease ticket volumes.

New preventative measures will also elevate your cybersecurity standards. With cyber attacks increasing every year, this is a benefit that you can’t afford to miss out on!

Consider it a bonus. You can get fast, effective technical support while boosting your cybersecurity standards.

IT Support FAQs

W.A.D.E stands for W eighted A lgorithmic D iagnostic E ntity . Unlike a standard chat bot, W.A.D.E digests and processes a huge range of sources over the past 5 years.

He’s advanced enough to use this information to come up with logical possible solutions to many common IT problems.

He works alongside our human technicians to help you and them speed up the troubleshooting process.

NeoLore provides support for any device connected to your business network. That may include mobile devices. We also acknowledge the usage of IoT devices in your business network that may also affect system operations.

If you think an IT issue originated on a mobile device, let us know! However, please bear in mind that we aren’t able to troubleshoot personal devices if unrelated to your business.

NeoLore provides custom support packages to make sure our clients only pay for what they need. That means it’s hard to give an exact estimate on price without us taking a look at what you want.

Pricing may depend on:

  • Company size
  • How many users we need to support
  • Network complexity

Request a quote to get a more exact estimate.

Tech support is only one of NeoLore’s many IT services. We also provide:

  • IT management
  • Cloud migration services
  • IT training
  • Cybersecurity services
  • IT consulting
  • Project management
  • and more

Check out our services page to see a full listing of everything we offer.

We employ IT technicians of all levels. That means we can help you with simple issues or complex problems. The only catch is that tougher problems may take a bit more time to fix.

If something looks beyond our capacity remotely, we can come to your office to take a look. If it still looks beyond our ability, we have the connections to get you to who you need to talk to.