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Paterson Group

Paterson Group Inc

From Reaction to Proaction with NeoLore Networks

“Transitioning to NeoLore has been a breath of fresh air.”

Paterson Group placed their IT infrastructure in the hands of NeoLore Networks. “Now we have the reassurance that IT is taken care of,” says Steven. “Transitioning to NeoLore has been a breath of fresh air.”

“We found that too often we were reacting to IT situations. There wasn’t much proaction,” says Steven Mariasine, chief financial officer of Paterson Group. The company wanted to raise and ensure overall service levels and prepare for the future. “Certainly our growth influenced the way we were reevaluating IT management, but importantly, our IT support was internal and limited, and this created problems. We needed a new way of doing things.”

IT management in Ottawa

Rewards and Challenges

Founded in 1956, Paterson Group is Canada’s oldest geotechnical engineering consulting firm. The company is recognized for expertise in environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, archaeology, materials testing, and building sciences.

Based in Ottawa, Paterson Group has over 120 employees, with two offices in the capital, along with a lab in North Bay.

Continuing success created both rewards and challenges. Paterson Group’s expanding roster of personnel, clients and resources had placed rising demands on IT services. The company carefully appraised its options and pursued the proven benefits of outsourcing IT services.

Steven was aware of NeoLore by reputation. “They were the only company we approached. I knew about their work ethic and capabilities. There was no need to look elsewhere.” From the start, Paterson Group was impressed by NeoLore. “They were amazing with the onboarding process,” Steven says. “Also, NeoLore really began a documentation procedure that was seriously lacking with our previous setup.”

“Having NeoLore in place makes economic sense”

Managed IT services reduce downtime, deliver complete network security, control and manage an IT budget, while offering expertise and reliability. “Previously, if there was a problem with the network in the evening, or on a weekend, then it wouldn’t be discovered until the first person arrived in the morning,” Steven says. “With NeoLore, the problem is already solved. We’re covered 24/7. As we have a large number of remote workers, you can imagine the sense of security we feel now knowing NeoLore is there. They look after our servers, computers and iPads.”

NeoLore Networks helps businesses attain their potential by enabling them to focus on what they do best. “When you look at the bottom-line,” Steven says, “having NeoLore in place makes economic sense. Remember, with NeoLore, you’re getting the benefit of a large group of professionals who are IT experts. Our own clients use our consulting services in much the same way that we employ NeoLore: it comes down to engaging dedicated expertise. It’s a smart choice. NeoLore did a dive into every system we have and came up with great questions. It is very useful. We don’t have to worry anymore. In fact, I receive emails from NeoLore asking if we had considered this or that update. That’s proactive. It’s wonderful that they’re on top of it.”

A commitment to growth-oriented IT environments.

Steven emphasizes that Paterson Group isn’t just looking at current IT challenges. “We’re growing and it’s critical that we plan for the future. The demands on IT are always changing and unexpected events can happen.”

Currently, NeoLore is conducting a SWOT analysis of Paterson Group’s IT systems. “I’m really happy about it,” says Steven. “We need to know where we’re headed in the next five years – when and what we have to prepare for.”

Paterson Group has become a leader in its field by focusing on client satisfaction. NeoLore Networks has assisted that objective, transitioning an IT environment, applying experience and expertise, eliminating a reactive infrastructure with proactive initiatives. “At the end of the day,” says Steven, “it becomes peace of mind. It feels good to know NeoLore is there, in the background, maintaining our IT.”