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White Cross Dispensary

White Cross Dispensary

“My only regret is that I didn’t find NeoLore years ago.”

“My only regret is that I didn’t find NeoLore years ago.”

“Thank goodness NeoLore is in place because it takes so many things off my plate!” James Dumont, owner of the White Cross Dispensary, in Ottawa, is discussing the challenges of operating a successful retail establishment, and the many benefits of having NeoLore Networks manage his IT services.

“In retail, you have to stay aware of the opportunities and be prepared to evolve as the environment changes,” says James. “It’s increasingly complex—from employee pension plans to customer data security, and you need IT professionals that you can trust. NeoLore understands what I need. They will execute on what they say. They know how to take care of their customers and, after years of having other individuals and companies providing IT support, I have never been happier.”

“Thankfully, I came across NeoLore”

James’ IT odyssey began in 2011. “Up until that time, I had one computer and one server. We had an IT company that took care of us. But I was opening multiple businesses, so I needed stronger support in place. I hired an IT professional who maintained the systems. However, eventually he went overseas to form his own organization. Then, we hired a company that made a lot of promises but didn’t deliver. For instance, we needed a new firewall switch, but what they came up with wasn’t commercial grade.”

James began searching for local IT support. “Thankfully, I came across the NeoLore website, and that’s how it all began. I explained the situation and simply asked for a quote.”

NeoLore’s solutions for small business infrastructures address such areas as reducing downtime, network security, overseeing the IT budget, and proactive network management.

“NeoLore went above and beyond expectations”

James believes NeoLore’s personal touch demonstrates customer commitment. “To begin, the president of NeoLore called me. I was pleasantly surprised. We did a video conference. He understood what I was looking for and generated a quote. I signed on.”

But before NeoLore could begin their services, White Cross Dispensary experienced a surprise. “It was four days before the contract with NeoLore started,” James explains, “and our servers completely crashed. I called NeoLore and explained the situation. They came over and even lent me hardware. They had us up and running within twenty-four hours, working late into the night, and I wasn’t even a customer yet. I think that is an outstanding example of the kind of company they are. NeoLore went above and beyond expectations.”

“They simplified a complex system”

A growing business has special IT challenges. NeoLore’s approach to managed IT services is ideal for any business that’s positioned to expand. The company supports a proactive, scalable approach to IT management, addressing issues before they escalate, ensuring smoother operations—which is in stark contrast to the standard break-fix approach, where a network could be forced to shut down before action is taken.

“To begin, we needed NeoLore to basically do a network cleanup. They told me that I had a Lamborghini system, but it ran like a Volkswagen! So, they updated all the software on the servers. They gave us a commercial grade firewall. Their chief technical officer even came by to check it all out. They simplified a complex system. For instance, we have off-site backup. We have Office 365. We have two different software systems running—one for the retail, and one for the dispensary—and there can’t be any conflicts. With NeoLore, we saw immediate benefits.”

“My only regret is that I didn’t find NeoLore years ago!”

James Dumont believes that NeoLore “delivers on what they promise. Let me put it this way: now, I can go on vacation in peace, knowing that if there is an issue, my staff can call NeoLore, and it will be fixed. It’s a strong sense of security.”

The White Cross Dispensary-NeoLore relationship continues to grow. “We have an ongoing service contract with them,” James explains. “They take care of my servers, switches and more. Never had a hiccup. No issues.”

James sums up his admiration for NeoLore. “My only regret is that I didn’t find NeoLore years ago!”