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Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre

From Audit to RFP: Helping to Prepare for Growth

NeoLore creates an environment that offers great service.

Incorporated in 1986, the Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre has grown to provide an extensive range of programs, offering accessible community, health and social services. The Centre’s expansion has occasioned an ongoing requirement for operational efficiencies.

The Centre’s building design and construction wisely anticipated an increasing need for services: in March 2010, a site plan that included a new fourth floor was submitted to the City. The approved plan added an additional 6,000 square feet of space.

“It became apparent to us that our I.T. systems really were a patchwork,” says Cathy Jordan, executive director of the Centre. “The fourth floor expansion was an opportunity to get it right, to make it much more efficient. We have satellite offices so it was even more critical that we updated.”

“They were a great help”

To begin, the Centre needed an end-to-end I.T audit and analysis, detailing the installed infrastructure; it also required a viable go-forward plan — that would evolve into a Request for Proposal (RFP) for cabling and a voiceover IP-solution, detailing requirements and expected deliverables. After evaluating local network management firms, the Centre secured the services of NeoLore Networks Inc.

“We saw it as multiple stages of upgrades that would impact processes and systems,” says Nancy Allen, the Centre’s director of corporate services and finance. “NeoLore was there in the beginning. It can be a frustrating experience with a lot on the go. They were with us every step of the way, finally making sure the RFP was complete and accurate. They were a great help.”


The power of plain language.

Cathy suggests that a particular strength of NeoLore’s was the ability to translate technical terms and concepts into accurate information easily understood by non-technical participants. “Everyone at NeoLore, whenever we contacted them, was able to discuss the development in plain language. They were very responsive and had an excellent attitude.”

No two network management projects are the same: each organization has particular demands. It takes experienced, attentive I.T. support to enable seamless upgrades and maintenance. “One of our major concerns is of course network security,” Nancy explains. “We deal with a lot of patient health records, so it’s extremely important that we’re comfortable in that area, that we have the proper systems in place. With NeoLore, it was all taken care of.”

In the end, successful business relationships come down to a shared sense of trust, vision and professionalism. “It’s NeoLore’s overall culture,” Nancy explains. “Jim Stackhouse has managed to create an environment that offers great service. They’re fabulous.”