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How 5G Will Disrupt the Business World

Posted on Thursday, November 14, 2019 and filed under

5G is the super-evolution of 4G – theoretically faster than any other form of internet access today.

Providing speeds of up to 20 Gbps, you could download a Blu-ray movie in 6 seconds.

It will effectively accelerate all online functions, increasing the productivity of any business relying on the speed of their internet. If you are looking to market through or move into AR and VR technology, 5G will ensure that all your efforts are seamless.

This is because augmented and virtual reality is very data-heavy applications. 5G would ensure that all the information you need is literally at the tip of your finger. Zero-lag and almost non-existent latency would also ensure faster and more-secure data transfer.

Due to the elimination of buffer time, you would be able to market your videos in 4K or higher resolution, revolutionizing real-time marketing and live video marketing.

In a world where almost everything is connected to the internet, 5G will make the links that much shorter, making business processes faster, efficient, and more secure.