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Make Your Child Do Better in Life – Teach Them This One Thing!

Posted on Thursday, July 11, 2019 and filed under

Are you looking to have the very best for your child? You aren’t alone. The question though is, how do you motivate your children to do well in school? Parenting done right can make a world of difference, and scientists believe that there is one ingredient that you cannot miss out on – teaching your child self-compassion.

Teach them to be More Compassionate

Self-esteem helps children to develop self-confidence. Self-compassion helps your child learn more about themselves. They learn not to fear failure, or to think about what can potentially happen if things go wrong. They learn not to take exams as that one final event, which when gone wrong, can mean there is no turning around.

That is not to say that they do not take exams seriously. It is just that they look at the broader aspect of things, and learn to think of exams as being a part of life. So, they get to cultivate their other personality aspects too, and make exams just a part of the learning process, as it should be.

Self-criticism is one of the ways all of us get better, but it needs to be backed with self-compassion so that we can see the results. Children and students need to be able to make mistakes, to learn from them and try new approaches, and that can only happen if they do not fear failure.

If your child learns to self-motivate, good grades will be a by-product of what they are doing and not a single goal. Instead, they will have multiple goals on many fronts, something that will define the self-independent individuals that they become.

The Top Tips to Help Your Child Do Better In Their Life

Grades are important, but the most important thing is to be a good person and make a lot of friends to socialize.

Here is how you can make your child learn to have higher self-esteem.

  1. Practice on your own

Kids quickly learn all that they see and hear. Pay attention to what you talk about when you are around your child. Making negative comments about your look, locking yourself in one room when things don’t go well, criticizing yourself for making a mistake, using harsh words or foul language, or judging yourself can negatively impact your child’s behaviour.

  1. Educate your child to be loving and kind

Kindness and love go a long way. Motivate them to be sympathetic to other’s pain and problems. And teach them to support themselves as they would do for a friend.

  1. Make them Understand that Mistakes will Happen

If you have made a mistake, it’s time to be the role model for your kid. Talk to them about it, and make them learn that everybody makes a few. It will help them develop a positive attitude.

  1. Educate your child to accept their thoughts and feelings

Sometimes things might not go in the right direction. Educate your child to accept, learn and move on.

  1. Help them Avoid the Fear of Failure

Rejections and failures are a part of life. Motivate your child to overcome disappointments and sadness. Help your child to think of others who didn’t succeed at the first go. Let your child keep their hands on heart in stressful situations, and take deep breaths. The power of touch will help release oxytocin, a hormone that will make your kids feel safer and more connected to things around them.

Self-Compassion Goes Farther Than You’d Think

Self-compassion sets the stage to mould your kids in a way that they are prepared enough to contribute to the outside world.

Teaching self-compassion can be difficult, but not impossible. Parents must start putting themselves in their child’s shoe and see the world through their eyes to know what their child needs.

Teaching your child that their worth isn’t dependant on how well do they in their exams, is just one of the things. The important thing is to give their best, no matter what they are doing, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Sure, there will be phases of time when things don’t work out great, but you fail today, you succeed tomorrow.

Science states that self-compassion is linked to good well-being, emotional coping skills and compassion and kindness for others. Teaching your child self-compassion helps them develop a stronger foundation for their future. It’s something that will help them be a healthy person and build healthier relationships.