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Most I.T. providers will tell you that they’re better than there competitors, but do any of them actually back that up with some proof?


Customer Satisfaction from Last 100 Surveys


Average Satisfaction over ALL Tickets since Jan 2015

The gauges above and below are all live dynamic gauges pulled directly from our internal systems (they cannot be altered).  We are committed to transparency, accuracy, superior and timely service.  To ensure we live up to our service commitments to our clients, we post them here live for all to see!  Does your IT Company do that?  Do you know how quick/slow they are to respond or complete your IT requests?

This gauge is the current average TOTAL TIME from when a ticket is first created by the client (either submitted by phone or email) to when the tech marks the ticket completed across ALL of our clients.  The gauge is measured in days so anything less than 1 is less than a day.  Example:  0.40 equates to 3.2 hours – from ticket created to ticket completed.

This gauge is the current average TIME TO RESOLVE a ticket across ALL our clients.  The gauge is measured in hours so .10 of an hour would be 6mins.

At NeoLore we believe it’s important that you, the client, know what the average time to resolve a ticket is so that you can manage expectations.  Yes, some tickets are harder than others however the average should give a good indication of how we are doing.

Note: If your IT Company’s ‘Response Time for Support’ indicates 4 hours, read the fine print:

“Response is defined as being an acknowledgement of the request and assignment of a resource.”

What this means is that if you call/email in a ticket and they assign a tech to the ticket under 4 hours, they have met their Service Level Objective.  This does not necessarily mean that anyone has actually looked at the ticket or even worked on it.   It just means that the ticket has been automatically acknowledged and a resource has been assigned to it (this can happen in seconds and you get an automated acknowledgement via email).

  What you should be interested in is the Average Length of a Ticket or the Average Resolution Time of a ticket.  As a client, you want to know how long the ticket has been around and how quickly did the tech resolve the issues.   You may be surprised to find that some IT Companies Average Ticket Lengths are multiple Days and Average Resolution Time well over 4-6 hours.  If these are the results you are currently experiencing, maybe it time to see ‘How I.T. Is Supposed To Be.”

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