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Steps to Automate Your Facebook and Instagram Business Posts

Posted on Friday, July 1, 2022 and filed under

Using third-party automated tools to promote Facebook and Instagram posts is a time-saver for marketing teams. With these tools, teams can schedule their monthly posts and execute a consistent marketing campaign. Tools such as ContentCal and Falcon include numerous features to boost your visibility and engagement in the market. Here are some steps you should take to automate your Facebook and Instagram posts:

  • Download a reliable social media post schedule tool
  • Log in with your social media accounts
  • Create a post and write engaging captions
  • Use relevant hashtags to increase organic reach
  • Set time and date to publish the posts
  • Click on the publish button

Before getting started, you need to choose a platform that offers suitable features such as multiple users, audience customization, and ad comment monitoring. Once marketing teams schedule posts on the business’ social media platform, they can focus on other important tasks.