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The Evolution of E-Commerce to Touch Commerce

Posted on Thursday, September 5, 2019 and filed under

The concept of touch commerce revolves around the idea of being able to buy anything with the touch of a finger. A few years ago, this concept may have been regarded as unrealistic, but today, when convenience is every single person’s top priority, touch commerce is the way of the future.

Touch screen technology’s immersion with one-click shopping has led to easy shopping, checkouts, and payment systems. As soon as you link your bank account and cards to the system, all you have to do is touch the ‘buy’ button on any product.

This is especially useful in supermarkets where long queues and payment systems are a hassle. It would also effectively eliminate the issue of cart or item abandonment. Every item you pick up, you can buy it then and there and when you’re done, walk out of the supermarket. Touch commerce makes not only the user’s lives easier but also the employee’s.

According to research giant Deloitte, touch commerce could potentially increase buying behavior by 150%. The rise of impulsive buying coupled with touch commerce would revolutionize mobile commerce and the product market forever!