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Time Crunch? 4 Quick Tips for Time Management

Posted on Thursday, November 28, 2019 and filed under

There are times when no matter what you seem to do, you’re always short of time to complete those -important tasks. Use these 4 quick tips for time management to beat the time crunch:

  1. Break out your time into manageable chunks. Then do the hard tasks first. It may take you longer to get that one big item off your desk, but once done you’ll be able to tackle non-urgent items with less pressure.
  2. Get rid of any distractions and focus on one task. This means closing your email, stop multi-tasking, and focus on the top thing that you need to get done.
  3. Work smarter, not harder. Rely on technology when you can to make tasks easier. If you’re working with a team, use project management tools to collaborate about deadlines and keep everyone on track.
  4. Take some time to clear your mind and step away from work for a few minutes. Self-care can go a long way in refocusing your energy so that you can work more effectively.