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Using Virtual Reality in Business

Posted on Friday, July 17, 2020 and filed under

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These are some of the business applications for Virtual Reality that are in use today:


Virtual Reality heat mapping technology in brick and mortar stores tracks a consumer’s gaze in the shop, providing a pattern of which products or certain areas in the store draw their attention. This enables the retailers to continuously test and polish their displays, shop layout, and signage to boost consumer experience and their spending. Virtual Reality also allows the shoppers to explore the various products in a very life like and realistic way.

Manufacturing Industry

Owing to its unique applications in the prototyping and design process, Virtual Reality plays a critical role in the manufacturing industry. Reputed aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus and Boeing use this innovative technology, which helps to eliminate the need for full scale and costly prototypes of their aircraft designs


Virtual Reality platforms allow architects to walk their clients through their designs before constructing the designs. This provides vital opportunities for modifications and feedback.

Furthermore, examining building designs via Virtual Reality aids clients to get a better understanding of an architect’s work.