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What is the Internet of Things? All You Need to Know

Posted on Thursday, June 13, 2019 and filed under

How often do you use your PC or your phone?

Back in the 1990s, using your PC to browse web pages was a big deal. You had to wait for the phone line to be free so that you could type in your user name and password, and wait for that horrible dial-up sound so that you could connect to the internet. It often took half an hour to get things started.

Then, broadband came. You could make a call as well as surf the internet together, and loading web pages became faster too. However, you still faced that random disconnection.

Not today – you can watch videos, listen to music, or reading news right from your smartphone. With the internet becoming faster and user-friendly, everyone’s got the hang of it. Sppedtest.net states that the average download speed in 2018 was an excellent 95.25 Mbps in the U.S.

However, did you know that the internet is a lot more than just browsing your favourite pages?

How would it be if you could connect the internet to cars, security systems, electronic appliances, or even vending machines? It’s what IoT is about.

IoT helps everything around you become web-enabled by using specific sensors and processors. Think of it this way – what if your toothbrush could tell you which quadrants of your teeth you forgot to brush on? Or

Devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home are IoT enabled too, using your home’s WiFi to tell you everything from the weather to let you play your favourite music. Interestingly though, IoT as a concept isn’t new. In 1982, Coke modified one of its vending machines at Carnegie Mellon University to enable it to report its inventory, as well as the temperature of the coke bottle. Many believe it to be the first appliance to be connected to the Internet.

How IoT will change the future of the world?

The Internet of Things is what can call the next big thing. Most of the things that we see today, including televisions or cameras, don’t have more to offer when it comes to the basic functionality. Sure, you can get 8k screens, but they still provide the same basic functionality as a 1080p screen would.

IoT doesn’t. It opens up entirely new horizons for you, detecting changing conditions and reacting quickly. IoT isn’t just for consumers. It’s also helping big industries including manufacturing and shipping making their work process smooth and increasing their efficiency.

The smartphone market, for instance, has reached significant milestones. Statistics say that over a billion smartphones were sold back in 2014.

Today, everyone around you has a smartphone. The internet of things is following a similar trend. As the cost of IoT-enabled devices will go lower, you will have more takers.

In the next two decades, our daily life is going to get a lot simpler, thanks to IoT. The internet of things will mean that everything is connected, including shopping, which will translate to smarter experiences. No more traffic jams, no more searching for items on the grocery store and realizing that you forgot that one ingredient you needed to make dinner. Experts believe that there will be over 20-30 million connected devices, by the end of next year.

How Does IoT Enabled Devices Use Data?

So, how do IoT enabled devices use the massive amount of data and how can we put this data to our benefit?

Let’s think of it this way. IoT is a common platform for all these where all IoT enabled devices to dump their data. The common language helps the devices to communicate with each other, a reason marketers can use the data to gain better insights on their audience, including consumer habits and trends.

IoT is redefining our lifestyle and transforming the way we interact with technology. And it’s here to stay. Business insider intelligence estimates that by 2020, IDC will install 24 billion IoT devices. The IoT revenue will reach $357 billion by the end of this year, resulting in more job opportunities in the IT industry.

How Will IoT Change the World?

  • IoT will become one great business opportunity for many.
  • Artificial Intelligence will increasingly drive the deployment and development of IoT.
  • 5G network will help increase the availability of IoT.
  • B2B spending on IoT technologies, apps and solutions will go higher.
  • Devices will become more smart and vocal, helping us do more for less.
  • Transportation in cities will become smarter.
  • Improved work efficiency in different industries from healthcare, education, retail, eCommerce, automobile, airlines to F&B.